A plea for respectful robustness

By Jean-François Lisée Le Devoir, January 4th, 2023 I have read many political programmes in my life and helped to write some of them. However, I had never come across a sentence like this: “We agree to disagree: our opponents are not our enemies.“ Nor had I come across any variation of the following statement: […]

Waking from Wokism: Inoculating Ourselves against a Mind Virus

“In the end, there is but one race: the human race. Letus unite rather than divide. Let us build rather than destroy.Let us integrate rather than segregate.” – Robertson and Tasca, Free Inquiry, June/July 2022 The full article can be found here: WokeFreeInquiry.pdf (hawkeyeassociates.ca)

Vaccine and other Mandates – Sam Harris Q&A podcast

I agree with most of Sam’s answer, but while mandates may be unjustified across the board in areas where there is no danger of hospitals being overwhelmed, when that possibility starts to loom, it makes sense to impose appropriate mandates to get the rate of new infections which require hospitalizations down to a manageable level. […]


A CASE THAT ILLUSTRATES THE NEED FOR BILL 21 The author addresses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh By Daniel Baril, President of Mouvement laïque québécois (MLQ) * La Presse+ , December 16th, 2021 The reassignment of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab to non-teaching duties in a Western Quebec school board […]

Secularism and obscurantism

Jean-François Lisée Le Devoir, December 15, 2021 I found it long. Two years, before the opponents of the Loi sur laïcité de l’État (Bill 21) put a name, a face and a story to their arguments. It was written: as soon as a case was identified that could be made into a cause célèbre, the […]

Ordinary Jihadism

“Salah and Mohamed had their chance at school like any other Belgian child. Nowhere in these testimonies is there any mention of racism or discrimination.” Christian Rioux, LeDevoir.com November 5th, 2021 After the scenes of horror, the banality of evil. For the past month, the trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks that continues in […]

Trans-Bullies Fail to Silence Kathleen Stock

Trans-bullies are harming the Trans community with their intolerance of even mentioning that not everyone is ever going to be on board with “Trans-Women are Women”. Contrary to Trans-Bully dogma, there IS a debate on this fanatical position, Trans-Bullies just don’t want to participate in it and prefer to try to bully everyone into acquiescence. […]

The school for freedom, against obscurantism

(Open letter to the media by two Ministers of Education) As several media outlets around the world have recently reported, children’s books, including Tintin and Lucky Luke, were burned and then buried in Ontario, Canada, in a “cleansing by fire ceremony” because they portrayed a negative and erroneous image of indigenous peoples”. For too long […]

French Canadians, those “not quite white” migrants

Within English speaking North America, and until the middle of the Twentieth Century, French Canadiens were considered “not quite white” and exploited accordingly. Jason Newton, an American researcher and forest historian, describes the use of pseudo-scientific racism to justify prejudices against migrant workers. By Sarah Champagne, Le Devoir  October 20th, 2021 Original French text here : […]

A Nuanced Take on how to Mitigate the Vaccine Hesitancy Problem

In the 22 September, 2021 episode of the Honestly podcast from Bari Weiss, she interviews Dr. Vinay Prasad where they explore the causes and potential remedies for the politicization of the public health measures intended to reduce the impact and shorten the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the intro to the podcast: So much […]