What is the NAKBA? The history of the “Catastrophe” Islamists use to justify genocide against Israel

March 9, 2024

HAMAS apologists like to refer to the NAKBA (Catastrophe in Arabic) of 1948 to justify their program of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Israel. This video sets the record straight. The first use of the word was to describe the failure of the Arab League to exterminate Jews from Israel in 1948 in Israel’s war of independence. The Islamists TOLD the Arabs living in Israel to leave and put them into a permanent status of refugees in that “open air prison” which is Gaza and the West Bank by refusing to resettle them in Arab countries. The plight of “Palestinians” is entirely the result of Islamists’ desire to blame that on Israel and use it to justify their ongoing project of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Jews in the Middle East and ultimately against everyone who refuses to submit to their particularly vicious version of Islam. What is happening in Islamist dominated enclaves in Europe, the UK, and even the US and Canada is part of that project, with oil revenue from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar being used to fund Islamist education in Western madrassas and even Ivy League Universities. I have been banned from posting this video to Facebook. Please post it there if you can. I had no problem posting it to X.

Ullrich Fischer