The school for freedom, against obscurantism

(Open letter to the media by two Ministers of Education) As several media outlets around the world have recently reported, children’s books, including Tintin and Lucky Luke, were burned and then buried in Ontario, Canada, in a “cleansing by fire ceremony” because they portrayed a negative and erroneous image of indigenous peoples”. For too long […]

French Canadians, those “not quite white” migrants

Within English speaking North America, and until the middle of the Twentieth Century, French Canadiens were considered “not quite white” and exploited accordingly. Jason Newton, an American researcher and forest historian, describes the use of pseudo-scientific racism to justify prejudices against migrant workers. By Sarah Champagne, Le Devoir  October 20th, 2021 Original French text here : […]

A Nuanced Take on how to Mitigate the Vaccine Hesitancy Problem

In the 22 September, 2021 episode of the Honestly podcast from Bari Weiss, she interviews Dr. Vinay Prasad where they explore the causes and potential remedies for the politicization of the public health measures intended to reduce the impact and shorten the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the intro to the podcast: So much […]

Why LBG and TQA are Parting Ways

This is an extremely well argued and written trilogy of articles on a very controversial topic.  Is it a mark of bigotry to suggest that there are any differences between Women born as girls and trans-women which should be of concern in writing laws and social policies?  Should trans-women be accepted as women based only […]

(Academic) Freedom, I write your name (*)

An important independent Scientific and Technical Commission on the Recognition of Academic Freedom in the University Environment is currently underway (Quebec Ministry of Education). Its report is expected this fall. Freedom of expression is a founding value of a society that wants to come as close as possible to the ideal of a liberal democracy. […]

A Modern McCarthy Style Witchhunt by “Progressives”

Maud Maron could be the poster-example of a passionate progressive legal aid lawyer working to keep poor and mainly oppressed minority people out of jail. Nevertheless, because of her disagreement with Wokoharam’s demands for harmful changes to the curricula at her children’s schools and her disagreement with her employer hiring a trainer in woke dogma […]

Open Letter to Madame Annamie Paul

On October 2020, 27th, I sent this open letter to the then fresh leader of the Green Party of Canada, Annamie Paul; Chère Madame Paul, I have to make a confession. Whatever the cause I embrace, I am usually a good soldier, but now I am questioning my involvement with the Green Party. You need […]

Don’T Ban CRT. Expose it.

Andrew Sullivan nails it. Banning CRT accomplishes nothing except to harden the resolve of its proponents. Far better is to expose its racist nature and shake the woke-bamboozled public out of its delusion that Woke is about anti-racism or social justice. It is not. It is about a cult of self-aggrandizing pseudo-intellectuals using a progressive-sounding […]