Multiculturalists are mistaken about liberalism

By Sam Haroun, writer Le Devoir, May 31, 2022 They call themselves liberals, but they have an elastic idea of liberalism when it comes to freedom of religion, as if freedom of conscience, the matrix of all freedoms, is exercised differently depending on its field of application: freedom of expression, assembly, demonstration, etc., are subject […]

For better science trained journalists

By Joël Leblanc Science journalist, president of the Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec Le Devoir, January 31st, 2022 Science journalism is like music: you have to learn it if you want to play it. It would never occur to anyone to join a professional orchestra by improvising as a flutist or bass player. Francine […]

The limits of “THE” science of public health

By Yves Gingras Historian and sociologist of science, UQAM Le Devoir, January 17th, 2022 The announcement of Horacio Arruda’s resignation as Quebec’s National Director of Public Health provides an opportunity to revisit the many criticisms of “THE” science to highlight alleged mistakes made at various times over the past two years. While it is to […]

Canada’s « fake news » of the year

The transition to the new year is a time for taking stock. It is a kind of unwritten tradition. We elect the personality of the year, we choose the event of the year. Of course, there is the sporting achievement of the year, the film of the year, the singer of the year. Parliamentary columnists […]

Open Letter to the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

Concerning the Hijab Worn by Young Girls The controversy continues in the case of the photo of a little girl wearing the hijab, published on the cover of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). The very relevant letter from eminent pediatric surgeon, Dr Sherif Emil, entitled “Don’t use an instrument of oppression as a symbol […]


A CASE THAT ILLUSTRATES THE NEED FOR BILL 21 The author addresses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh By Daniel Baril, President of Mouvement laïque québécois (MLQ) * La Presse+ , December 16th, 2021 The reassignment of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab to non-teaching duties in a Western Quebec school board […]

Secularism and obscurantism

Jean-François Lisée Le Devoir, December 15, 2021 I found it long. Two years, before the opponents of the Loi sur laïcité de l’État (Bill 21) put a name, a face and a story to their arguments. It was written: as soon as a case was identified that could be made into a cause célèbre, the […]

Call to create an Academic Freedom Act

Marco Fortier, Le Devoir, December 15, 2021 An independent commission set up by Quebec’s Minister of Higher Education recommends the adoption of a law on academic freedom to protect professors from censorship and guarantee students’ “right to learn”. “All ideas and subjects without exception can be debated in a rational and argued manner within universities,” […]

Ordinary Jihadism

“Salah and Mohamed had their chance at school like any other Belgian child. Nowhere in these testimonies is there any mention of racism or discrimination.” Christian Rioux, November 5th, 2021 After the scenes of horror, the banality of evil. For the past month, the trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks that continues in […]