Why LBG and TQA are Parting Ways

September 23, 2021

This is an extremely well argued and written trilogy of articles on a very controversial topic.  Is it a mark of bigotry to suggest that there are any differences between Women born as girls and trans-women which should be of concern in writing laws and social policies?  Should trans-women be accepted as women based only on their self-identification?  The author makes a compelling case against that point of Woke-Trans dogma.  The mere suggestion of intention to discuss that issue is certain to attract howls of “Trans-phobe! Bigot!” directed at anyone who dares blaspheme against that article of Woke faith.  

Here are links to the three parts (in chronological order) of gay journalist Allan Stratton’s articles where he violates that unwritten but heavily enforced “law” against discussing this issue.

The ‘Gender Supremacist’ Threat to the Progressive Alliance: First of a Three-Part Series

Rescuing the Radicalized Discourse on Sex and Gender: Part Two of a Three-Part Series

The Progressive Case for Renouncing Gender Extremism: Last of a Three-Part Series

Ullrich Fischer