Paul Nathanson has a Ph.D. in religious studies and has co-authored, with Katherine Young, Spreading misandry: The teaching of contempt for men in popular culture (2001); Legalizing misandry: From public shame to systemic discrimination against men (2006); Sanctifying misandry: Goddess ideology and the fall of man (2010) and Replacing misandry: A revolutionary history of men (2015). In this conversation with NEP president Lloyd Robertson, Dr. Nathanson explores the relationship of feminism and transgenderism, the evolution of cancel culture, and the need for intersexual dialogue.

Meghan Emily Murphy is a Canadian writer, journalist, and founder of Feminist Current,[1] a feminist website and podcast.[2][3] Her writing, speeches, and talks have criticized third-wave feminism, male feminists, the sex industry, exploitation of women in mass media, censorship, and gender identity legislation. Based in Vancouver, Murphy has written for CBC News, The Globe and Mail, the National Post,, the New Statesman, and Quillette, among other media outlets. Her website can be viewed at… Joann Robertson is a former president of BC humanist and current board member of The Bew Enlightenment Project.

Shahdin Farsai, a refugee from Iran, became a Canadian lawyer in 2016. In 2021, she submitted an article to the BC legal magazine The Advocate suggesting that BC Supreme Court directives advising lawyers to provide their “correct” gender pronouns, constituted compelled speech. The Advocate initially agreed to print her article but then succumbed to pressure to cancel it. Shahdin’s article was then published by the magazine Canadian Lawyer but it was removed after a similar campaign. Later in 2021, Shahdin seconded a controversial motion at the BC Law Society’s annual meeting affirming that no topic should be exempt from professional debate. It was narrowly defeated. In this interview New Enlightenment Project president Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson discusses the effect of Wokism on law, humanism and the Canadian society with Shahdin Farsai.

Dr. Frances Widdowson was finally fired from her job as a tenured professor despite challenging prevailing narratives with a series of books including Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The deception behind indigenous cultural preservation; Native studies and Canadian political science: The implications of ‘decolonizing the discipline’; and Running the gauntlet: Challenging the taboo obstructing aboriginal education policy development. She was finally fired after defending CBC reporter Wendy Mesley, and after asking why purported graves at a former Indian Residential School had not yet been verified. In this interview Dr. Widdowson talks about the “aboriginal industry” and its underpinning in the concept of Wokism.

Indigenous scholar Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson (@LloydHawkeye7) and host Leslie Rosenblood discuss the importance of enlightenment values and defending them from attack. Lloyd is the President of the New Enlightenment Project, a Canadian humanist initiative, dedicated to free speech and civilized debate. Leslie and Lloyd discuss: The moral obligation to advocate for change in our culture, whether cultural change can only come from within, online misinformation, changes Lloyd would like to see within Canadian aboriginal culture and in broader Canadian society, and a defence of Steven Pinker. Podcast for Inquiry is brought to you by the Centre for Inquiry Canada. Produced by Matt Payne. Graphic design by Nikolay Nikitushkin. Music by Anthony Lazaro. Send your thoughts and feedback to The New Enlightenment Project Centre for Inquiry Canada

Jose and I talk about whether or not everyone has a gender identity, the fairness of transwomen in sports, and other related topics. Chapters: 0:00 Intros 3:16 Gender Identity 10:27 DSDs 15:16 Gender 18:59 Transwomen In Sports 20:57 Gender Is a Social Construct 22:12 Sexual Orientation 23:17 Acceptance of Trans Criteria 24:24

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Even as a young teenager, Dr. Steven Pinker (@sapinker) prized rationality as a virtue, and considered himself an anarchist. He changed that belief, however, when evidence indicated that anarchy was not a path to human flourishing. In this special episode, a co-production with the New Enlightenment Project, previous Podcast for Inquiry guest Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson returns as a co-host. Together, Lloyd and Leslie explore with Dr. Pinker whether universities are betraying their mission, how the human brain spectacularly fails while also working wonders, the loose connections between science and technology with social and moral progress, and what humanity needs to do to continue to thrive for the next 50-100 years. This episode of Podcast for Inquiry is brought to you by the Centre for Inquiry Canada and the New Enlightenment Project. Produced by Matt Payne. Graphic design by Nikolay Nikitushkin. Music by Anthony Lazaro. Send your thoughts and feedback to

In this “disputations”, Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson and Frances Widdowson discuss the mapping of the self, “woke-ism”, indigenous education, mobbing and the unmarked graves. Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson is a psychologist who has been involved in life skills and mental health for Saskatchewan indigenous groups and the University of Regina. He is currently the President of the New Enlightenment Project. Dr. Robertson’s work can be viewed on his website –

Following the traditions of his family, Gregory Biniowsky was a political socially conscious activist prior to immigrating to Cuba in 1991. He studied law, history and philosophy at the University of Havana before becoming a professor at the same institution. He was an actor on Cuban television, a consultant to a series of international law firms, the director of an aide agency when hurricanes swept through the island, and a restaurateur specializing in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. He had trouble recognizing the Left when he returned to Canada after a 30 year hiatus. Join us for a fascinating discussion with this modern Renaissance man. Not your usual lawyer.

At age 73 Metis-Cree elder Keith Goulet obtained a doctorate in history from the University of Regina with the thesis Land and Colonization: A Nehinew (Cree) Perspective. This capped a career as a teacher, Cree language consultant, community college principal and politician. Dr. Goulet was the first aboriginal cabinet minister in Saskatchewan. In this, the first of two interviews, we explore the history and application of the Doctrine of Discovery as espoused by the 15th Century Roman Catholic Church. We also investigate Dr. Goulet’s family roots that contributed to the political movement of Metis, and we explore humanism within the aboriginal context.

What can the Cree language system tell us about indigenous world views? In this, the second of two sessions with historian, linguist and politician with Metis-Cree elder Keith Goulet, we explore the traditional Cree family or clan system, the link between language and worldview, and implications of aboriginal thought for humanism.

Carey Linde has been a practicing lawyer and a socialist activist for more than 50 years. The Vancouver, B.C. lawyer pioneered the concept of shared parenting between divorced parents in Canada and, more recently, has represented parents who believe their children should not begin sex transition until they are older and better capable of making such decisions. He has run afoul of gender pronoun rules. In this interview New Enlightenment Project president Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson discusses the effect of Wokism on law, humanism and the Canadian society with Carey Linde.

As an independent journalist Scott Douglas Jacobsen has interviewed pioneering psychologists, former Canadian prime ministers, and U.N. officials. He has recently completed a tour of Ukraine. He is also an activist in humanist organizations nationally and internationally, and he has battled sectarianism and superstition in his home province of British Columbia. Join us for this fascinating interview.