Open Letter to the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

Concerning the Hijab Worn by Young Girls The controversy continues in the case of the photo of a little girl wearing the hijab, published on the cover of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). The very relevant letter from eminent pediatric surgeon, Dr Sherif Emil, entitled “Don’t use an instrument of oppression as a symbol […]

Call to create an Academic Freedom Act

Marco Fortier, Le Devoir, December 15, 2021 An independent commission set up by Quebec’s Minister of Higher Education recommends the adoption of a law on academic freedom to protect professors from censorship and guarantee students’ “right to learn”. “All ideas and subjects without exception can be debated in a rational and argued manner within universities,” […]

Memoire to the Committee on Academic Freedom – University of Ottawa

Jean Delisle

By Jean Delisle, Translation Professor Emeritus of the University Ottawa. The Honourable Justice Michel Bastarache, President Committee on Academic Freedom University of Ottawa Monsieur le Juge,             Thank you for the opportunity to share my views on academic freedom and freedom of expression. I am a professor emeritus at the University of Ottawa, where I […]

First, the Children!

Christian Rioux is a regular columnist at Le Devoir. «Do you believe in God? The question sometimes came from a little blond boy sitting in the back of the classroom. It could also come from a discreet and unassuming little girl sitting in the front row. How often has the teacher I am talking about […]