• NEP president’s presentation to the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Men’s Experiences with Violence and Victimization 2022

    How My Work Led Me to Question the DV Narrative and Investigate Male Stigma An International Interdisciplinary Conference onFatherhood and Men’s Experiences with Violence and Victimization September 15, 2022 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson, Presenter I am a psychologist with an interest in the study of the self. I am also President of the […]

  • Wokism through the eyes of a returning Leftist expat

    Hello humanists, Here is an excellent interview with a Canadian who immigrated to Cuba 30 years ago. When he returned he said it felt as though he had been in a time warp: https://youtu.be/Ext164Q2dZk Lloyd

  • Faith vs. Science from a Conservative

    One of our members received the following letter from Leslyn Lewis and thought the ideas would be worth discussing on this forum. Are Leslie’s ideas as presented here compatible with humanism? Dear Gleb, Are you a person of faith? Or are you a person of science? Or maybe like me, you feel like those words […]