• President’s Report and Keynote Address to the 2022 NEP Annual General Meeting

    Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson You might have noticed I got my hair cut earlier this month. My new hairdresser talked about a lot of things. At one point she explained why equality is not a good thing and why equity is. She said equality was like three kids each having a box on which to stand […]

  • Ontario superior court castigates the effects of creeping Wokism in family proceedings

    The following excerpts come from a judgement by Mr. Justice A. Pazaratz of the Ontario Superior Court. The full judgement can be found here: 2022 ONSC 1198 (CanLII) | J.N. v. C.G. | CanLII “When did it become illegal to ask questions?  Especially in the courtroom? [2]               And when did it […]

  • Vaccine and other Mandates – Sam Harris Q&A podcast

    I agree with most of Sam’s answer, but while mandates may be unjustified across the board in areas where there is no danger of hospitals being overwhelmed, when that possibility starts to loom, it makes sense to impose appropriate mandates to get the rate of new infections which require hospitalizations down to a manageable level. […]