A Trans-Bullying Cancellation – Cancelled! A Glimmer of Hope for Free Expression

June 25, 2021

Shortly after the story of the cancellation by the Royal Academy of embroiderer Jess De Wahls for the “crime” of disagreeing with the trans-bully demand that everyone acknowledge that a trans-woman is a woman, no questions allowed to be asked (see below for the full story), the Royal Academy got so much push back that they reversed their stand and issued an apology to Jess. Maybe, just maybe, this is one of the first cracks in the power of trans-bullies to get their way by intimidating dissenters with threats of the “trans-phobe” slur. Kudos to the RA for ultimately doing the right thing.

This article about the Royal Academy’s decision to cancel orders for art from embroiderer Jess De Wahls because she publicly refused to accept Trans-woke-dogma details the latest outrageous, authoritarian cancellation of someone for merely exercising her right to express her opinions. This was only possible because of the cowardly pandering to the woke mob by this institution. This is just one more example of the rampant misogyny behind the fanatical promotion of Trans-woke-dogma and the callous disregard for human rights by the craven executives in charge of this and far too many other public facing institutions.


Ullrich Fischer